Cranes are Flying

The Cranes are Flying 1957 Director Mikhail Kalatizov From Russia

Wow. Watched this on a Criterian Disk so I knew I was in for a ride.

And I was not disapointed. I read that this was a favorite of Martin Scorsese.

The visuals are amazing. Using a hand held camera which im sure was a breakthru in 1957 the images that were put on screen are breathtaking. Two scenes thats stood out for me are the bombing scene and the discovery of her old apartment as she runs up the stairs and bursts thru the door…and the final scene that follows her from the bus to the parade and the train at the end.

Tatyana Samijlova plays the young lady “Squirrel” that watches her fiancee go off to war and ends up marrying his brother. As she spends the movie dealing with that guilt as she waits for word on what has happened to her “Boris” who is missing in action. She is wonderful in the part.

Im sure when this came out in 1957 this was the Russian filmgoer’s first look at these issues that were not part of the “Party Line”.

But a chance to see a World war 2 movie about what life was like in a country that was participating is always a treat for me.

Seek this out. And Enjoy.


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  1. chandlerswainreviews says:

    One has to love the cinema of Kalatozov if simply for his sheer visual audacity. “I am Cuba” is a must see for anyone serious about “pure” cinema and how the camera may almost supplant the more traditionally practiced Eisensteinian theories of montage. Even his 1971 “The Red Tent”, though encountering a great deal of pruning for U.S. release, is a fascinating film.

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