Heavens Gate

Here we go. What movie to lead off with. Have always wanted to watch Michael Cimino’s epic failure Heaven’s Gate. The version I got to watch was the complete 3 hour and 44 minute version . After hearing all the bad things about Cleopatra and how it almost sunk a studio and how bad it was, and then watching it and enjoying it … I thought…what the hell….lead off with this. After The Deer Hunter Cimono was given carte blanche to make his movie..and he spent a boat load of money and it crashed and burned at the box office.

The verdict? Was it as bad as everyone said? Was it a disaster?

My verdict. Hmmmmmmm…not sure. Started out slow…then it sucked me in. Yes a few scenes are ridiculous. A note written by a dying man and put in his OWN pocket he signs with his full name. Yes Kris Kristofferson had one acting style, practically comotose. Christopher Walken and Jeff Bridges always give you something to watch on screen. But some scenes and the scenery were magnificent. The skating rink scene stood out. the camera following him around as he plays and skates.  And the overall story as well. The war between the immigrants and the “Americans”.The final battle went on a bit long and was a bit confusing to follow as well as hard to see. Isabelle Huppert ( White Material ) was tremendous in her role. The scenery was amazing. Till the last third when it seemed to be filmed in a dustbowl. But overall it did not seem as long as it was. Which I guess is a sign it held my attention.

All 3 hours and 44 minutes of it.

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