A Night To Remember

1958 British Directed by Roy Ward Baker

Long before the much more famous movie “The Titanic” this British and much more historically accurate retelling of the Titanic sinking brought the entire event to life and gave us a feel for what it was like that night in 1912.

The Titanic sank on April 14 1912. To give you a sense and a barometer on just how long that was, Fenway Park in Boston had its first game in it the next day. And in a few short weeks it will have been 100 years.

I have always been fascinated with the story and I loved James Cameron’s version, but this one is the gold standard and should be watched without fail if you have an interest in the story. It follows the true story much closer (with the splitting in half of the shift as it was sinking was not discovered till many years after this film).

Kenneth More is the “lead character” or as much of a lead as a Titanic Film ever has other than the ship. Honor Blackman a few years before her James Bond appearance is in it as well.

But the true star of this film is the Ship itself, and the story. An outstanding entry into the category of historical retellings. It is done so well with such great actors that it almost feels like a documentary.

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