The Vanishing

1988 George Sluizer

A great movie should stay with you. It should resonate within you for years. Upon watching “The Vanishing” for the first time, I am still thinking about it three days later. Does this make it a Great Movie?

First and importantly, I am discussing and I watched the original Dutch movie NOT the American remake. Even though they both were done by the same director, the American version had a cop out ending. So stick with the original for viewing.

Ok. The film centers around a couple on Holiday. They stop at a busy gas station and after some time the female (wife?) goes off to purchase beverages for the trip.

She never returns. The Boyfriend starrts to look for her. This goes on for 3 Years. Till one day he starts receiving letters from the man who took her.

They finally meet. And go off on a journey where he will reveal all as to what happened to her.

The rest I shall not reveal. All I will say is the ending will blow you away. Without any on screen violence or blood or anything that makes up a modern day horror movie, this film puts you on the end of your seat. This ranks right up there with Psycho and Diabolique as fims that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

But is it a Great Movie? One that stays with you forever?

Well the ending will. Without a doubt. However unlike “Psycho” I am not in a rush to return and experience it again. Actually knowing the ending, I dont think there was enough in it, for me at least, to want to rush back and witness the great filmmaking or the great screen writing again. “Psycho and Diabolique” were great films that happened to be horror films or shall I say suspense films.

The Vanishing was a suspense film. Enjoyable. But for me does not pass the Great Movie test.

But I do recommend it. Just to experience….

That ending..


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