Guilty Pleasure #1 Crack In the World

1965   Andrew Marton

When you are 9 things sometime catch your imagination. A movie preview showing a catastrophe, an amazing circumstance . What would happen, if an earthquake caused a crack in the earth’s crust. That started to spread. And spread. With no way to stop it, scientists try all sorts of experimental remedies to try to stop the earth from cracking in two. WOW. This is something I had to see.
So I went to my Dad. And he said we would go on the weekend after it opened. So we went to the Gateway Theatre in Chicago. Walked into the lobby. Walking up to the concession stand. The glass showing all the candies. I listened to my Dad buying the popcorn as i looked at all the boxes. We went into the theatre, sat on the right side halfway back like we always did. And settled in to watch the film.
And what a film it was. Dana Andrews was the lead scientist that tried an experiment that caused the earth to crack. He also had a deadly disease and his days were numbered. His wife was supportive, but was awfully interested it seemed in a former assistant to Andrews character. But at 9 I did not care about any of this. I wanted to see the crack.
As the movie unfolded I sat mesmerized. I remember glancing up at my Dad who seemed totally caught up in the excitement. I remember upon returning home filling in my Mom on how AWESOME the film was. And the next week, I once again asked my Dad if we could see it again. Which he, at least to me, didn’t hesitate to do. And then, a couple of weeks after that. And again, after that. Crack in the World became my movie version of Springfield, Illinois. I was a Abe Lincoln buff when I was young, and as a family we made the trek downstate from Chicago and visited all the Lincoln sites. And the next year again, And again the year after that.

So with the advent of DVD I started looking for my movie on the net. Over and over it was not available. I even sent an email to the DVD Savant on the website DVD Talk to add it to his list of movies he wished were on DVD.But year after year went by.

Then, last year the news broke.  The movie Crack in the World was coming to DVD.!!! I had to have it!!
So i preordered it on Amazon, and it arrived a few weeks later. So that night my wife and I sat in the dark with popcorn. And we watched Crack in the World. It was a bit cheesy. The acting was a little over the top. The special effects were just ok even for that year.
But I loved it. And I even glanced up in the dark halfway thru.

And said…. Thanks Dad.

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