A Bag Of Hammers

A Bag Of Hammers 2011 Brian Crano

Here is a movie I wanted to like. It comes OHHH so close.

A pair of misfits that live together and steal cars together to live own a home and a rental property. They rent out the property to a single Mom and a Boy. They see the neglect that the boy is subjected to, then suddenly the boy is alone. They take the boy in, wanting to be one big family that the two men never had.

The two guys treat Stealing Cars as if it’s just another 9 to 5 job. Jason Ritter plays one of the two guys ( John Ritter’s son) and surprised me with an even and fine performance. jake Sandvig plays the other ( and also has a screenwriters part credit). Both play off each other I feel rather well, and Rebecca hall is along to play the sister.

It is funny in parts. The banter between the guys is fun. For me the movie was going great guns, till the teacher showed up second time at the house. And from that point on, for me, the movie screeched to a halt.

The movie does grab at your heart, and is good entertainment for the performances the actors give.
But the ending, I don’t feel was done very well. Too much covered in such little time. And if it was the boys dream, there was a bit he would never have known, in that dream.

So I give it a mixed recommendation. Worth a rental.

The whole question of, would an unorthodox family of two guys with limited means be a better parent for an orphan than the system could produce since the two guys have knowledge of and an obvious interest in the well-being for the boy, even though the system seems fit to ignore them as possible guardians. That alone as a conversation starter makes the subject matter worth a look.

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