A Return for Better or…..well….

Well now. After two years away from this I felt it was time to jump back in. The first time I was getting frustrated with myself while reading posted reviews that I couldn’t write like Roger Ebert. So instead of realizing that virtually NO ONE writes like Roger Ebert I started putting pressure on myself. I would agonize between posts on what to write and how it was going to sound . So it suddenly became…well…no fun. And I did this to have fun.So I stopped completely.And then I started reading other blogs. And I started to get a feel that impressing others shouldn’t be my fear. Just writing what I feel should be the objective.

But now I wish to try again. But I do wish to comment on film. And this will be the place. And maybe other things besides film as well.. I don’t know….We will see what happens.

And It will no longer be formal reviews like I was trying. Lets just say there will be posts on film. And we will see what form they take.

And as always…any and all comments are appreciated. That is if anyone finds their way here 🙂


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