Top 200 List

I will be posting my top 200 list sometime today… Its actually like a list of 138 movies as it is a work in progress. Started it about 4 months ago and add to it as I go along. So yes there have been many ” HOLY CRAP how could I FORGET ABOUT…” etc etc. So do not take it as a finished product. And. it is in no particular order..

There will be a link for it under the title header.

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2 Responses to Top 200 List

  1. Holy cow, a top 200?! I only have a top 10 with a couple of other movies that are just outside of it. Impressive, I don’t even know if I could list so many films in a top list!

  2. jdubfla says:

    Well its a top 200 as I still haven’t reached a point where I can exclude a film from the list. And I am still in the exploring stage where I discover films I have left off . Some films make the list because of their genre. Case in point, Is ” Towering Inferno” equal in any way to “81/2” or “Downfall”?. Of course not. However in the genre Action/Big Budget/ Disaster films it is easily far and away the Gold Standard of the bunch. So it’s on my list.

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