Would we know of?

Back in the early days of film…Directors such as Griffith ..Chaplin…Renoir..Lang..Pabst..Wiene.. Came along. Started their careers…

They created cinema in a way they saw fit. Their were no guidelines… No standards to follow. No expectations to live up to. They created cinema from their vision. And created what today are considered masterpieces… or at least what is considered today to be important pieces of work.

Why? Because they created what they saw.. what they felt. What they were.

But would we know of any of these filmmakers if they were working today?

Today its the $. Its the blockbuster. The remake. The truly creative with only a few exceptions are relegated to small independent studios and are never given the audience their films deserve. They disappear. The exceptions are the directors who from their independence become “Hip” from their complete body of work.

We see this in all fields where there is money to be made. 50 years from now the music from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s will still be considered the oldies. The music from today will disappear as quick as last weeks top 10.

Think of this the next trip to the multiplex. For every trip you make to see “White House Down to see Captain America beat Spiderman but Godzilla stomps on both of them” try to make room for a screening of ” The German Doctor” or another small independent or foreign film.

You may just find YOUR next ” Citizen Kane”



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2 Responses to Would we know of?

  1. I agree completely. Hollywood spend so much time making huge blockbusters, remakes, as you say, that are often terrible terrible films, but they are the ones that take up the mainstream cinemas with multiple screenings, often at the same time as one another, just in a different screen room. If you want to see films which are often regarded by Sight and Sound, the BFI, etc, as masterpieces, you have to travel to independent art house cinemas, which for many like myself, is quite a distance away. That’s why I love the introduction of the BFI Player. Even though I’m not a huge fan of digital screening, its aim is to make important films accessible to everybody so that everyone has the chance to see films of importance, films of credit, and films that will undoubtedly become classics. You raise a good point 🙂

  2. jdubfla says:

    There is plenty of room for both types of film. But it frustrates me when the general public has no idea of these smaller films.

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